Parting Ridge Farm

   Grassfed Beef and Lamb

     Pasture-Grazed, Healthy, Humane


 ~Providing pasture-grazed beef to a tri-state area for over 25 years~

Welcome to our grassfed website! We at Parting Ridge Farm believe in sustainable agriculture and raising animals organically, in a gentle manner. Our cattle graze in lush, quiet meadows and are given fresh pasture daily. We supplement with organic kelp and let nature do the rest.

Our farm is located on both sides of the Virginia-West Virginia border. Pickup location is at Valley Meat Processor in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Our cattle are raised in the manner that nature intended, providing you with a healthier choice. 

We sell Angus grassfed beef once a year, October-December. Reserve it in the summer/fall and it is available freshly processed and frozen in late fall/early winter. For those who still prefer corn finishing, we have the same healthy grassfed beef finished on corn available February-March.

Our beef is not boxed and stored to sell year round.You know that the product you receive has not been frozen for months beforehand.  You know that your beef is not the product of several different cattle, and is yours immediately after freezing.


Our beef is dry-aged, sold by the quarter, half, or whole. It is cut, wrapped and frozen to your specifications. Purchasing beef this way is one of the most economical ways to buy beef.

Grassfed lamb is also custom processed. Lamb is sold by the whole, no halves.

We use no routine antibiotics no growth hormones, and raise our animals on organic pastures, in quiet meadows and mountaintops. We believe in a stress-free environment.



Our cattle graze these grassy fields in the winter. They don't depend on less nutritional hay, because we use rotational grazing practices that extend the grazing season.


 Sustainable agriculture provides us with fresh, lush pastures as seen here in our spring time photo.

Our cattle, with their fuzzy winter coats, grazing near a wooded area in December.