Parting Ridge Farm

   Grassfed Beef and Lamb

     Pasture-Grazed, Healthy, Humane


 ~Providing healthy beef to a tri-state area for over 25 years~

We at Parting Ridge Farm believe in sustainable agriculture, raising animals gently and organically. Our cattle graze in lush, quiet meadows and are given fresh pasture daily. We supplement with organic kelp and let nature do the rest.

Our cattle are raised in the manner that nature intended, providing you with a healthier choice. 

We use no routine antibiotics, no growth hormones, and raise our animals on organic pastures, in quiet meadows and mountaintops. We believe in a stress-free environment. Our cattle move quietly and calmly because they are used to our care.


For those who still prefer corn finished beef we have the same healthy grassfed beef finished on corn, harvested in late February.


Please see "We Are Expanding" to the right, for grassfed beef and lamb by the cut, available starting in late January!


Note: Corn finished beef halves and quarters for February 2015 are already sold out!

Whole grassfed lambs are sold out! 






Our cattle graze these grassy fields in the winter. They don't depend on less nutritional hay, because we use rotational grazing practices that extend the grazing season.


 Sustainable agriculture provides us with fresh, lush pastures as seen here in our spring time photo.

Our cattle, with their fuzzy winter coats, grazing on fresh grass in December.