About Us


We are Kent and Lisa Shipe of Mathias, West Virginia. Parting Ridge Farm has been in our family for over a century.

Kent has farmed all his life and is a fifth generation farmer. He also has worked as a loan officer for the local bank for 29 years. Lisa takes care of marketing and sales.

We have been selling beef and/or lamb direct to the consumer for over twenty five years. Our customers are within a three hour radius, including the Washington, DC area.

Kent became interested in the science of grass farming approximately 20 years ago. Studying publications, attending seminars and consulting with other grass farmers nationwide, he increased his already organic methods of enriching pastures, and began rotational grazing.

Not only did our pastures become more lush and nutrient dense, but these measures extended the grazing season from eight to ten months. Where the cattle had consumed less-nutritional hay in the cooler months, they now had nutrient-packed grass for many more weeks, taking them to the point of harvest.

Today we enjoy being able to offer a very healthy product and look forward to helping you discover the benefits of grassfed, from our farm to your table!